Tuesday, 29 January 2013

"Mommy Masterpieces" are not just our children!

Our children see us strictly as moms. They don't see us as talented, attractive, or having any other interests other than them. How deceived they are ;)

There are days when my creative juices are flowing and just want to be set free, so I scramble to gather whatever art supplies I may have lying around the house and translate my thoughts into visible creations. Brushes are hard to come by as my kids use them, forget to wash and rinse them, rendering them stiff and useless. Uncapped paints coincidentally turn out the same as the unkept brushes.

Here are just two of my "mommy masterpieces" painted with tole paints. I will post another masterpiece on www.mamakatslosinit.com 's writing prompt page on Thursday. Remember to check it out.

 Send me your creative "mommy masterpieces", in whatever artistic form they may be.
This picture was my own twist on something I saw online.

This pic was an ad in a magazine.