Sunday, 27 January 2013

Not for me!

A few years ago my cousin approached me about an invention she had thought up while she was on strict bed rest while pregnant for her last of three daughters. With nothing much to do and ideas streaming through her mind, she was curious about a pendant that could "entertain" baby during breastfeeding time.

This pendant would dangle from a lanyard that mommy would wear around her neck. It would be attractive to baby both through look and feel. As she and I are both artistically inclined, we put our heads together and started creating. We became Pida Infant and maternity Products.

Before we could organise all our thoughts we were informed of a competition for new start-up companies that promised  winners early stage venture capital and  network advisers and mentors. We won $40.000! Boy did this help us.

By the end of development (months and months later, through plenty of ups and downs) we had a beautiful non toxic pendant in four colours that passed all health and safety regulations here in Canada and the USA. The lanyard was approved for its organic cotton and specified length, and the break away clasp was created and approved first of its kind as it would literally break open with less than 5lbs pressure. We were also succsessful in entering the special needs sector, as our invention was being used as fidget toys.

With all this said, and all our potential success looming ahead of us, I hated my job!

I was a great sales person, and made a lot of  successful contacts, but I was not a "desk" person. I was actually beginning to feel nauseous every time I entered our office to start a new day. We travelled on business trips to Atlanta, Georgia and L.A. California which I truly enjoyed, but unfortunately I had to return to my desk. I was getting ill.

I had a lot to carry on my shoulders but so did my business partner. How would this turn out? We came to the conclusion that my role as a business owner had to end. My mental and physical health was at stake. It was not an easy decision, but a necessary one just the same.

We did the necessary paperwork, found her a new business partner and went our separate ways. (Not as simple as it may sound)
 I  helped get the company off the ground, and hope that all my hard work has helped make the company the success that it is today. (presently Sentio Life Solutions)

I have moved on. I am a new published author of a childrens' book entitled "Brynn's Bizarre Behavior",( A look at 8 Year old Brynn's life with Tourette syndrome) and am working on three more. I have a little goat farm, which I find quite therapeutic, and this new blog, not to mention my beloved family.

Life is what you make it, I guess.