Wednesday, 23 January 2013

"Pubic Awareness?"

So here it goes!

My husband and daughter each received a Hollister t-shirt for Christmas, and unfortunately both were too small. Last weekend they both set out on a journey to our nearest city of Halifax (three hours away) to visit his sister, use up some gift cards and exchange their Hollister  t-shirts for bigger sizes. Everything went well as they had the necessary receipts for these exchanges, and so they picked out two larger sized t-shirts.

After a two day visit to the city my husband and daughter returned home with their wares. My husband took out my daughter's t-shirt to watch for my expected approval. I thought the t-shirt was quite cute, but  disapproved in the bag in which it had been packaged.

This little eco-friendly paper bag was marred with the photo of some toned bodied young man (whose head was cut off) with an unbuttoned shirt draped over his shaved torso and a pair of unzipped jeans strategically portrayed as falling off.

Not only were these jeans unzipped, but the model's left hand was purposefully holding one side as low down  as his pubic area. It was completely obvious that this model had had his pubic area shaved specifically for this photo shoot. 

Hollister  must believe that if private areas have been altered to a certain extent, that this makes their publicity photos acceptable for public viewing.

Of course I mentioned all this to my husband and wondered what his response would be.( He is a very quiet man) He let me know (In his own words.)what an embarrassment it was to walk around the mall with our eleven year old while toting this sexually charged bag.

It's funny, as this bag stayed on our kitchen table for a bit, it became the "elephant in the room". Nobody could resist looking at it so I threw it in the paper recycling bin.(At least it was good for something.)

Now, I'm not only rebuking Hollister, as there are so many more similar examples I could use. Unfortunately for Hollister ( who could care less what I think) this is the most recent experience I've encountered.

I may or may not be a prude.