Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Recent irate response from actual teacher!!! What's your opinion?

Just a recap of the previous conversation.

I wrote this on my blog:

Accommodating our expectations of students with mental challenges.
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This was a surprising, unexpected response I received from a teacher (whom will remain anonymous) through facebook.

Teachers know that TOOOO OFTEN the kid is just hiding behind these labels. They use add and adhd as an excuse to get out of trouble. How is it that schools ran perfectly for hundreds of years before we started making excuses? Did add just recently develop? I think PARENTING is the biggest thing that has changed. For hundreds of years a paddle solved 99% of school problems and the belt at home took care of business there. Now schools cant even expel SERIOUSLY BAD KIDS because they can hide behind a "behaviour disorder"
so they get to disrupt a class DAILY and the other kids suffer.....but its OK BC we have to accommodate their needs.

My response:

Teacher's final response:

That is why we need 2 tracks of schools. One for special needs and one for the regular kids. But liberals pushed for inclusion, which hurts everyone and helps nobody

What do you think?