Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sleeping Beauty?
Today my husband and I signed my daughter up for "Kidzact", a local dance troop that was originally started for children with special needs.(So I was told) She truly enjoyed her first day and is looking forward to learning all she can.
With her short attention span being an ongoing issue, I pray that she will stay motivated and continue to look forward to her Saturday practises, at least for the next 8 weeks.(Which are paid in full)
Like most children with TS, she has problems sleeping at night, and lately is sitting on the couch all "wide eyed" and "bushy tailed" til sometimes 10:30pm or later. Funny how God created children with so much energy (some with more, some with less) and created parents with so little.
In conclusion, I hope her dance classes help deplete her energy levels so that she rests comfortably at night, which in turn, helps all of us.