Thursday, 7 February 2013

Dear Madonna , ...

Dear Madonna,

What a great example you were for young girls when you erupted from the shadows with "Star light" some 20+ years ago. (Or so I thought) You were original, appeared self- confident, and refused to compromise who and what you represented. You gave birth to a new generation of women.

How many little girls were seen doting a mess of black rubber bracelets on their wrists and large bright coloured scarves wrapped around their bed head dos? You created a true epidemic! At this young age I knew your style was "racy" as some adults around me were scandalised by the sight of you, but what did they know? I remember lugging a giant "ghetto blaster" up and down the street with the song "Material girl" blasting from the speakers, over and over again!

As time went on you continued to re-invent yourself, which must have been exhausting for you, but kept your fans entertained, not to mention your fan base growing.

As I matured your music became less and less attractive to me, yet grew in popularity by others throughout the world. I was indifferent to your career.

You took on a new form of reaching your audience by taping parts of you tours and making  available these non edited, scandalous clips to anyone interested in viewing your tantrums and lude conduct. You knew what you were doing.This was my deal breaker, but then again, I was free to like it or lump it.

I started a family and so was too busy most times to even care about what you were doing, let along  any other social media events. Then it happened! I sucked it up and actually watched an interview you did with Oprah. I was so disappointed in you when you admitted that you were against your children viewing TV, not because it was stupid of you, but for the opposite. You knew first hand what kind of trash they could be watching. This statement proved to me that your entire persona was rigged to take full advantage of youth by contaminating their minds(giving them what they wanted whether damaging or not) to profit monetarily.

You may never regret your means of attaining popularity, but I hope your children don't suffer the consequences of your actions. Which of your persona's will they believe more? Caring mother or sultry seductress? Who will protect them from you?