Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Innocent and Trusting

A few months ago I had the pleasure of launching my book "Brynn's  Bizarre Behaviour" at a wonderful place called "Mayflower Place" just a half hour from my home. It was a great turn out, and we were blessed by the clients we met at this workshop. (Created to employ physically and mentally challenged adults in the local areas.)

It's funny how we compare ourselves as normal when making the distinction between them and us. Before we even entered their place of employment, we already had  preconceived ideas about them. On the other end, they appeared to have no pre-organized delusions of us as we entered their workshop. They welcomed everyone with the same smiles on their faces, and because of their consistency, I came to the conclusion that if anyone should be graced with the title Normal it should be them.

My daughter made many lasting friendships that day, and some she follows up with on facebook. Last week a married couple (clients) from the  workshop invited my daughter to pay them a visit at their new apartment, located above the Mayflower Place.(Like children they did not see the situation as uncomfortable.) It was difficult to express to my 11 year old daughter how inappropriate it would be of me to just drop her off, and leave her there. (Although these people are 20 something, I was concerned that they were both immature people in adult bodies with all the hormones and emotions that follow.)

Without divulging all these inappropriate concerns with my daughter, and prolonging the situation, I quickly decided to invite this couple to our home for supper. What a great save.

Last night this little couple came to our house for pizza and garlic fingers. They stayed a few hours and kept our whole family entertained. I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we did. I look forward to their next visit, and wish them well.