Wednesday, 13 February 2013

"National Breakup Day".

Those of you 30 something year olds, picture the year 1990 in your minds. OK now that you're visualising this era in time I will commence this "breakup story".

I had my first boyfriend at age 16, but only because he was the first person to notice me. Our time together lasted 7 months. Shortly afterwards, my childhood friend from a few doors down, called me and invited me to meet someone who was admiring my pic in our year book. How exciting!!!

I got all primped up and walked over to my friend's house. My friend and her boyfriend were expecting me, but his friend was excruciatingly embarrassed that they had called me over at all. WHOA!  He was sooo cute. (80's-90's cute)
He had a ball cap scrunched over his beautiful blond curly mullet and was decked out in the proper fads of the time, and high tops, of course.

We drove around that night in one of their matching white mustangs, (Yes best friends with identical cars!) with the windows rolled up and the 3 of them smoking! I should have jumped out then.

We stayed together, on and off,  for three years. I adored his family, but my adoration for him grew dimmer and dimmer. Towards the end of our relationship he was a jealous, untrustworthy, drinking mess.

I finally left him for good on October 31st, 1992. Halloween. This is the "breakup" clincher.
I received a phone call from my, now, ex-boyfriend's brother the following day informing me that my ex had been in an accident and had been sent to a hospital three hours away. I was horrified...and then entertained by the explanation he gave me. I refused to believe his brother as I thought it was just another of my ex's ruses to get me back, but then his grandmother phoned me with the same details.

Get this! My ex and a bunch of his friends decided to have some fun on Halloween by removing cement parking lot blocks from their local fire dept. and placing them in the road! ( I'm sure the fire dept was impressed as my ex had just joined the dept as a volunteer just  months previous to this episode.) As my ex and one of his buddy's were in the process of transporting a block from the lot to the road, one of them accidentally dropped his side. The block fell on my ex's foot, splitting the bottom and damaging his big toe. Within days of being in the hospital  his big toe was amputated!

I am not condoning laughter during someone else's struggles. There is nothing funny about amputation of any kind. My laughter came from the relief that he hadn't gotten hurt any worse than he did, and that nobody else was hurt because of those blocks in the road. I could only imagine some young family driving along, all dressed up, getting hurt because of my ex's and his friend's stupidity.

On "National get married day", I will write all about the love of my life, my husband.