Sunday, 3 February 2013

Shower therapy at 2:30 am!!! (and conclusion)

So my 11year old daughter began with panic attacks last night, and needless to say, she refused to sleep in her bed and made her and her stuffed animals comfortable in my bed. (Daddy slept on the couch.)

By 2:00 am she woke up "worried." I wasn't at all sure what to do for her, let along awake enough to comprehend what she was telling me. She decided to go out and talk with her dad, so away she went. Within a few minutes I was wondering what she was doing and/or feeling, so I walked out to the living room to see her watching The Princess Bride all curled up in a chair while her dad slept on the couch.Feeling relieved, I went back to bed.

 When I awoke this morning her dad informed me that she took a shower last night at 2:00 am to help calm her nerves. Can you imagine being so anxious that you would shower at 2:00 am in hopes that it would calm your nerves? It made me sad.

Today has been tumultuous to say the least, and hasn't even ended yet. The .5 mg chlonazepam prescription from her doctor does as much good as a glass of water. (My pharmacist told me that .5mg of chlonazepam would knock her out!) After hours and hours of begging us to help her, my husband finally drove her to outpatients to see what the doctor on call could possibly do to alleviate her suffering.

 I hope to see both her and her dad return home soon with smiles on their faces.

Tune in tomorrow for the hopeful conclusion. (Say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed!)


After waiting four hours to see the doctor, my daughter's nerves had calmed down significantly. I presume that my daughter's realisation that she was not a priority helped her to conclude that she must have been okay. My husband was given the name of another child psychiatrist in which we could call upon in case of emergency.

Today she will have a consultation with the school board's psychologist. Once my daughter's psychiatrist returns from vacation, both doctors, including myself and the school's staff, will gather to decide what can and should be done to help my daughter succeed in school.

I would truly enjoy hearing from any parents who are or may have experienced this situation with their child. Did you find any solutions, or tweak or customise things to create positive outcomes?

Thank you for all your prayers!