Thursday, 14 March 2013

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Danica Surette was born in Yarmouth Nova Scotia, where she resides to this day.

 After graduating from high school in 1992, she attended  college in Yarmouth where she graduated from a Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program in 1993

 Following this graduation, she began working the first of eight years at a boarding home for seniors, and adults with special needs, and began a family with her husband Ian Surette.

 As her husband’s work consisted of shift work, including nights, she decided to change careers so as to facilitate her new family life, and became a waitress.

 Within a few years her cousin Pierrette d’Entremont contacted her about developing a new business centred on infant and special needs products that she had envisioned a few years back.

 Through her cousin’s coaching, experience and education in the field of kinesiology, Danica began a new chapter in her life as Vice-President and Sales Manager of Pida Infant & Maternity Products Ltd. (presently Sentio Life Solutions) Combining 8 years of nursing practise with excellent research skills, Danica was a perfect fit for the Pida project.

Danica’s focus was to help the company get off its feet in the early stages. Once this was realised and having a child with TS who needed more attention, she returned to family life as before.

 Being her daughter’s advocate, and realising the need for children’s literature on Tourette syndrome, she began her newest chapter in life, and became an author. Her new focus is educating children and adults about TS, (along with many more subjects) and all that it entails.