Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My children's book on ethics

Nurses with purses,

Cooks with books, and

Ladies in Mercedes,

Were all taking a look?


What did they see over the hill?

Was someone hurt or someone ill?

Perhaps it‘s serious or perhaps it’s bad?

I went to see along with my dad.


What a sight to see!

What just took place?

There’s powder in the air,

With the sweetest of taste!


Circles and circles were rolling around.

Some in the road and some on the ground!

I covered my ears,

From the awful  loud sounds!


The colors were awesome

and the smells even better.

I imagined a ton.

My mouth  got wetter.


One look at each other,

And down we went.

It was crazy and crowded,

The truck was all bent.


The door to the truck opened

 And all the donuts fell out.

Everyone was smiling,

Only the driver wore a pout.


People were filling their bags and their totes,

With boxes of donuts they liked the most.

But dad and I were saving all that we could,

Giving back to the driver all that we should.


 Happy was the driver,

From the help that we gave.

A smile on his face,

From the donuts we saved.


I knew we did right,

And happy was I,

But one bite I wished for,

 I thought with a sigh.


It was a whole week later,

While sitting for lunch,

We heard a knock at the door,

Mom answered at once.


My eyes got big.

A smile grew on my face.

A thank you note from the driver

And donuts by the case.