Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The alphabet that follows her name.

We decided to pack up and drive the three hours necessary to reach the IWK children's hospital in Halifax. It felt like the millionth time doing so in the last year, but as parents, you do what you've got to do.

On our way, my husband and I were rehearsing what, and how we would explain our present visit to the ER. As we'd been given the run around so many times, by others, we were hoping this wouldn't be another failed outcome. Depression is not something to be ignored.

We got through triage and registration and waited for about 45 minutes in the waiting area when a friendly face rounded the corner. The nurse in charge of assessing patients with mental issues was the same from the last two visits. She knew my daughter well and was so happy to see her since her month long stay last summer. What a blessing!

We entered the familiar little tiny room and began discussing our present situation. Not wanting to allow any hindrance to my daughter's improvements (Tourette syndrome, ADD, OCD, anxiety...), she decided to call the senior psychiatrist (At home!) right away. Within 30 minutes she returned with great news. The doctor suggested we up her prescription, as there was plenty of wiggle room to do so. So simple.

I received an email from the senior psychiatrist this morning explaining that he would be happy to see my daughter on a regular basis during his clinics in a town closer to our home. Problem solved.

Another hurdle awaits, I'm sure.

Until then.