Friday, 16 September 2016

From blah to ooh la la

From blah to ooh la la!

Take your old lamps and revamp them from bright lights to soft ambient lighting!
  1. Unplug your lamp!
  2. Remove lamp shade
  3. remove light bulb and cord
You should be left with just the bare base and stem. Now what?
Depending on the base, you can lightly sand, but if you have a great primer slap it on. (I used good ole Modge Podge that dries clear so as to keep the original colour of the base)
Do you want a chic look or perhaps you'd prefer a shabby chic?
I wanted an old weathered look so I coated the entire thing with a crackle product and once dry, added my colours of choice. Both sconces were painted with chalk paint and look awesome!
I purchased some terracotta pot bases that I painted and firmly attached at the top of the stems. Two stemless wine glass finished the look and hold each a votive candle. Voila!
Great up cycle project for your home and make for thoughtful gifts that will be appreciated for years to come.
From this old lamp to...                     THIS!
image                     image