Friday, 16 September 2016

The Vintage Buoy

The vintage buoy

Here is another piece of wall art I painted a few month ago. Here's how to acquire this look:
 With a dollar store canvas, paint a base background and then literally dab different colors of paint "willy nilly" throughout  the canvas in diagonal strokes. (This will appear like weathered painted wooden shingles.) Use a line brush  and paint black diagonal and horizontal lines to create the appearance of separate shingles.(Tip: squiggly triangular shapes applied to the  bottom corners of your shingles will create a chipped look.)
Next I used my paint pallet(You can freehand or trace any shape you prefer) to trace the shape of the buoy. Once you've shaped your buoy, paint it a solid color. (This first layer of paint will be the color you see through the "chipped paint" on your buoy.) Your next step is to apply a layer of crackle medium, letting it dry and following with another layer of paint. (This last layer of paint will be the color of your buoy.) Within seconds crackles will appear!