Friday, 14 October 2016

Frenglish Soaps?

I started making Frenglish Soaps a few years ago. The word Frenglish is just simply French and English mingled together. Here in the south west shores of Nova Scotia, we Acadians speak French with many English words speckled throughout. Or maybe it's the opposite. 

Either way, we speak Frenglish, hence the name of my soaps.

My soaps are made with only Olive oil, as opposed to numerous different kinds. Olive oil soaps , also known as Castile soaps, are the perfect soaps for anyone with skin irritations due to psoriasis, exema, dryness...and are the absolute gentlest soaps for babies to seniors!

My soaps are $5.00 per bar, and only $20.00 for five (5).

Look at the size of my soaps compared to store bought. 

Available in Chocolate mint, Sweet Birch, Lemongrass, Beer, Unscented, Goat milk oatmeal, Patchouli, Star anise, and more!