Sunday, 9 October 2016

Options and Opportunities Programs

Both my children are enrolled in the (O2) program through their high schools. One is looking forward to her first work term in her workplace of choice while the other is experiencing his second term at a machine shop. (His first work term was at an auto machanic’s shop)

Not only do my children receive valuable work experience through this program, but they also receive First Aide training, Food safety training and more!
This program is perfect for students interested in working a trade.
For more information:
Options & Opportunities (O2) is a three-year program that is a unique combination of high school credits and hands-on learning. Students are matched with employers in the community to gain real work experience and insight into careers of interest. It helps to prepare students for today’s sophisticated labour market, and gives employers the chance to start building their future workforce.
O2 provides multiple opportunities for students to learn in community and workplace settings, link in-school learning to the workplace, and enhance students’ employability skills.