Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Lobster anyone?

I bought a few wooden signs from my local Walmart. They are only $6.00 or so and have so much potential. Born and raised in an Acadian village that survives off our fishing industry, I settled on painting a lobster.

I found a silhouette online and printed it off. The hardest part about this project was cutting out the lobster silhouette! Once finished I stencilled it on. You can leave the lobster in one solid colour, or use it as a guide. I painted it black followed by a layer of crackle finish, and a final layer of read paint.

Live lobsters are blackish in colour, but I wanted my creation to be recognized by all so I opted for the familiar red.

You can stencil on your favorite quote, paint each board a different colour, make it into a fun clock...